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The Origin of Gravity and the Laws of Physics By Balungi Francis Cover Image
Cosmology for the Curious (Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics) By Delia Perlov, Alex Vilenkin Cover Image
Teoria da Relatividade: Fundamentos Físicos By Ricardo Capiberibe Nunes Cover Image
Kundalini Awakening: 5 in 1 Bundle: Expand Mind Power through Chakra Meditation, Psychic Awareness, Enhance Psychic Abilities, Intuition, a By Jenifer Williams Cover Image
Fascinating Space Facts For Kids: Two hundred facts about all things interstellar. From planets both near and far, our sun, the stars and all the spac By J. M. Castle Cover Image
How Time Dilation Creates Propulsive Gravity By Scott Calvert Cover Image
Introduction to Particle Cosmology: The Standard Model of Cosmology and Its Open Problems (Unitext for Physics) By Cosimo Bambi, Alexandre D. Dolgov Cover Image
The Binary Universe: A Theory of Time By Ken Hughes Cover Image
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Kundalini Awakening: Heal Your Body through Guided Self Realization, Divine Energy, Expand Mind Power, Clairvoyance, Astral Travel, Intuiti By Jenifer Williams Cover Image
The Principia. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy (Concise edition) (Foundations) By Sir Isaac Newton, Professor Kirill Krasnov (Introduction by), Professor Marika Taylor Cover Image
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The Foundation of the Generalized Theory of Relativity By Albert Einstein Cover Image
Large-Scale Peculiar Motions: Matter in Motion By Gary A. Wegner Cover Image