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Browse Books: Technology & Engineering / Power Resources / Alternative & Renewable

A Just Energy Transition: Getting Decarbonisation Right in a Time of Crisis By Ed Atkins Cover Image
Openfoam for Wind Energy Engineering: How to Use the Open-Source Toolbox for Wind Energy-Related Cfd Simulations By Bernhard Stoevesandt, Jonas Schmidt, Hassan Kassem Cover Image
Cultiva Algas para Sacar Ganancia: Cómo Construir un Fotobiorreactor de Cultivo de Algas para Proteínas, Lípidos, Carbohidratos, Antioxidantes, Biocom By Lisandro Vazquez Hernandez (Translator), Christopher Kinkaid Cover Image
Handbook of Wind Energy Aerodynamics By Olive Murphy (Editor) Cover Image
By Olive Murphy (Editor)
Conservation: Economics, Science, and Policy By Charles Perrings, Ann Kinzig Cover Image
Microbial Fuel Cells in Wastewater Treatment and Energy Production By P. Shanmuganathan Cover Image
Alternative Jet Fuels: Federal Activities Support Development and Usage, but Long-term Commercial Viability Hinges on Market Factors By United States Government Accountability Cover Image
Solar PV Water Pumping: How to Build Solar PV Powered Water Pumping Systems for Deep Wells, Ponds, Creeks, Lakes, and Streams By Christopher Kinkaid Cover Image
Renewable Energy Integration for Bulk Power Systems: Ercot and the Texas Interconnection (Power Electronics and Power Systems) By Pengwei Du Cover Image
Development of Artificial Intelligence Based Real Time Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller for a Hybrid Renewable Energy System By Mohammad Junaid Khan Cover Image
Handbook on Smart Battery Cell Manufacturing: The Power of Digitalization By Kai Peter Birke (Editor), Max Weeber (Editor), Michael Oberle (Editor) Cover Image
By Kai Peter Birke (Editor), Max Weeber (Editor), Michael Oberle (Editor)
Off Grid Solar: Photovoltaic solar power system for your home: An easy guide to install a solar power system in your home By Turgon Annárë Cover Image