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In the Words of Our Founders (Kobo eBook)

In the Words of Our Founders By Tullius Cover Image
By Tullius
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In the Words of Our Founders, Volume II

Since the introduction of COVID-19 in March 2020, the Constitutional and natural law violations by local, state, and federal officials against the US citizenry continues unchecked. The fear they successfully instilled into the population provided many unique opportunities in varying spheres and degrees within our country to further their sinister and godless agenda. The Republic, lacking the moral and virtuous pillars required for its continuation, teeters on the brink. The United States has reached its peaceful high-water mark.

The illegal mandates and dictums of "shelter in place," and "mask-up," the closing of once thriving businesses for many months now, and the limiting of numbers of people that wish to peaceably assemble, is alarming. When citizens and business owners challenge these "rogue" officials, as happened in Dallas in May, they are first lectured as being "selfish," and then jailed. Her crime: Exercising her natural right of self-preservation. But this is to be expected given the current level of our national sickness. After all, it is the churches and businesses that are closed, not the abortion clinics and liquor stores.

As for the Presidential election, some question the ability or even a desire to steal it. Really? When considering what has happened to our individual freedoms over these past many decades, and continuing with largely the same criminal actors, is it outside the realm of possibility, or even probability? Wake up, America!

In this volume of work the investigative journey of our true heritage continues. We observe what many of our Founders intended for our government under natural law; what our lives were supposed to look like under the liberties of our Constitution and Bill of Rights; what our lives should be as a free people; and of course, the difficulties maintaining our natural state against "designing men." The tyrannical behaviors by our ruling class to implement a communist- political and socialist-economic society continues without resistance as the apathetic, dependent, lethargic, and ill-educated American people stand idle and even welcome destruction by way of "death by a thousand cuts."

Once again, it is best for the reader to simply strap-in!