Exercises in Wood-Working (Kobo eBook)

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Put the Past to Work in Your Shop

First printed in 1889, this book was written to educate college students in the craft and business of woodworking. Here, the original text is reprinted in its entirety, not only to help you discover late 19th-century practices in woodworking, but to help you make the most of traditional hand tools in the modern shop. As you work through a series of 39 exercises, you'll discover how to:

• Set up your shop and identify the tools every well-stocked hand-tool shop needs
• Effectively wield the most-used woodworking hand tools
• Use the various marketing gauges like a professional cabinetmaker
• Sharpen your tools - from plane blades to saw teeth
• Mark and cut the most-used joints in furniture making
• Use a frame saw (the quiet answer to the modern band saw)
• Make a door and drawer
• Install cabinet hardware including hinges and locks
• And more
Plus, there are chapters on home building and repair of wooden fixtures, basic boat building, wood and traditional woodworking trades and more.