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Job Interview Tips for Overcoming Red Flags (Kobo eBook)

Job Interview Tips for Overcoming Red Flags By Ronald L. Krannich, Impact Publications Cover Image
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Most people have one or two red flags in their background – some minor and embarrassing, others major job killers. Given today’s high-tech world, with its rapid communication and instant background checks, your red flags may follow you wherever you go. For employers, they become major objections to hiring and the bases for firing.

While most interview books are designed for the perfect job seeker – the well-educated, credentialed, goal-oriented, skilled, enthusiastic, and accomplished – this book addresses those who struggle to get ahead because of their less than stellar backgrounds. Many of them make poor education and career choices, frequently change jobs, get into trouble, and experience bad luck.They are risky hires.

That’s the subject of this unique book for job seekers – how to best handle red flags during the job interview. It’s all about convincing reluctant employers to hire you -- speaking truth to power, turning weaknesses into strengths, scrubbing a sketchy background, preparing for sensitive interviews, and knowing what to say and do when confronted with red flag issues.

Jam-packed with seasoned insights and solid job interview advice for people with not-so-hot backgrounds, this book examines:

- What employers really want and look for in great candidates

- Major red flags that consistently derail thousands of job seekers

- Ways to identify your red flags and transform them into green lights

- 101 questions asked at most job interviews by subject category

- Key nonverbal behaviors, from dress and handshakes to eye contact

- Great ways to impress interviewers with compelling examples and stories

- 35 common interview errors you must never commit

- Best ways to address 10 red flags that come up during many interviews

- Expert follow up and salary negotiation techniques that work wonders

- Key resources -- from books to blogs – that keep you focused on the prize

- Ways to scrub and repair online red flags and reputation issues

Filled with interview strategies, examples, stories, quizzes, questions, sample Q&A dialogues, and advice, this is the perfect interview book for anyone with a spotted background who is also highly motivated to move ahead with their career.

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781570234040
Publisher: Impact Publications
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2019