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The Storm That Carries Me Home (Kobo eBook)

The Storm That Carries Me Home By Anthony Wood Cover Image
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He made an oath. He switched sides to keep it.

Lummy Tullos took an oath to fight for home and family under the flag of the Confederacy. He gave his heart, mind, and nearly his body to protect his friends and defeat the blue invader. That oath lost its meaning at the surrender of Vicksburg.

After ending the murderous reign of the outlaw Rebel Home Guard responsible for his wife’s death, Lummy wants just one thing—to put the twentieth star for Mississippi back on the flag of his ancestors. Though happy to be with his family on the Tullos farm in Choctaw County, Lummy finds little peace as the War Between the States rages on. He joins with new friends loyal to the Union to help end the killing and destruction at home but realizes that it’s not enough.

Lummy’s convinced his loyalty and dedication will now best serve ending the war by switching sides. Taking the new oath, he must leave to do the one thing he never wanted. He simply has no other choice—he’ll fight to do whatever it takes to end the war. He just didn’t know it would bring the war to his own hometown. And it won’t be a gray uniform he’ll be wearing. No, this time it’ll be blue.

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781633738225
Publisher: Hat Creek
Publication Date: May 15th, 2023