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London's Life: Two Families Still Equals One

By: Samella Stafford

Growing up in co-parenting households, London has a different family structure than some of her friends, but that does not mean she has a less loving family. Her parents were never married, but they prove that successful co-parenting is possible.

London is a multiracial child living in two homes each week. Though children of all backgrounds may grow up this way and relate to this story, London’s Life: Two Families Still Equals One aims to be a positive representation of the minority child growing up with two parents.

About the Author

Author Samella Stafford was raised in a co-parenting household since her parents’ divorce when she was only one year old. Despite that, Stafford has a strong tie to both sides of her family; her Mexican mother and her Black father did an amazing job of raising their children so they never felt that they were missing out on anything a "societal" two-parent household family had.

Samella Stafford is the middle of seven siblings and many, many cousins. Growing up in a big family, Stafford has always loved children and volunteered in tutoring programs at various local elementary schools and boys and girls clubs. Once her own daughter begins school soon, Stafford hopes to stay very involved.

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ISBN-13: 9781637649459
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
Publication Date: July 9th, 2022