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Lessons from Grimm (Kobo eBook)

Lessons from Grimm By Shonna Slayton Cover Image
Available Now


Uncover the fairy tale secrets that made the Grimms famous.

A poor man. A son. A girl. A mother. A king and a queen. Twelve brothers.

The Grimm stories are about all kinds of people. From peasants to kings. From murderers to priests. Not to mention imaginative creatures like giants, elves, and water nixies.

In fairy tales, there are few limits on who we can create or the stories we tell. Our characters don’t necessarily have to look or act a certain way. A young woman can have impossibly long hair, or a man can turn into a lion during the day. And an innocent looking spindle can change the course of a kingdom's history.

In Lessons from Grimm, you’ll do a deep dive into how the Grimms handle key elements of genre, character, setting, plot, fairy tale magic, and theme.

Bonus! The appendix includes comprehensive lists of characters, settings, plots, romance tropes, magic objects and more, saving you hours of research time.

Get Lessons from Grimm today and get started writing your own magical tale.