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The Mueller Report: The Full Report on Donald Trump, Collusion, and Russian Interference in the Presidential Election (Kobo eBook)

The Mueller Report: The Full Report on Donald Trump, Collusion, and Russian Interference in the Presidential Election Cover Image
Available Now


Here is the full Mueller Report—including both Volumes I and II issued April 18, 2019—on Donald Trump, collusion, and Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. We publish the report, released to the public in redacted form, without adding extraneous commentary, explanations, spin, or documents that aren't formally part of the report. We leave it to you, the intelligent reader, to make up your own mind. Why is CharityChannel, the twenty-five-year-old community of nonprofit-sector professionals, publishing the Mueller Report? Two reasons. First, it is important to disseminate this report as widely as possible because democracy thrives in the light. We believe that this report casts light that an informed American electorate should consider when electing its leaders, particularly its president—though we acknowledge that the redactions by the U.S. Attorney General are the subject of much discussion and, in some circles, concern. Second, many will appreciate the availability of this report in this format. So, if you want just the report without anything added or subtracted, you've found it. *** Important: Please Read *** This electronic edition preserves the exact format, including images, of the Mueller Report. You can read it with these free Kindle Reading Apps: Kindle for Android Phones Kindle for Android Tablets Kindle for iPhone Kindle for iPod Touch Kindle for iPad Kindle for Mac Kindle for PC You can also read it on these devices: Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" Kindle Fire HDX Kindle Fire HD (3rd Generation) Fire HDX 8.9 Tablet Fire HD 7 Tablet Fire HD 6 Tablet Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Kindle Fire HD(1st Generation) Kindle Fire(2nd Generation) Kindle Fire(1st Generation) Fire HD 10 Fire HD 8 Fire However, the Kindle Paperwhite or other Kindle devices not listed is not compatible. If you have an unlisted device, you can always view it on one of the free Kindle Appls listed here, or purchase the print version available here instead.