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White Fang (Kobo eBook)

White Fang By Jack London Cover Image
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A classic adventure novel by Jack London. Set in the harsh wilderness of the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush, the story follows the life of a wild wolf-dog hybrid named White Fang. As he navigates the dangerous world of man, White Fang must learn to survive and overcome the brutality of humans, while also discovering its own capacity for loyalty and love. Filled with vivid descriptions of nature, thrilling action, and a compelling protagonist, White Fang is a timeless tale of survival and self-discovery.• Gripping Adventure Story.• White Fang is a captivating protagonist, whose journey from a wild animal to a domesticated dog is both compelling and heart-wrenching.• Insightful exploration of human-animal relationships.• Widely regarded as a masterpiece of American literature.• The book' s enduring appeal continues to make it a popular choice for both casual readers and scholars of literature.