Book Launch Party: Friend Grief in the Workplace: More than an Empty Cubicle, Viki Noe with special guest Lynne Staley

You probably spend more time with them than with your family. So when a friend at work dies, it’s a personal blow and a professional challenge: how can you grieve and continue doing your job? In the fifth book of Victoria Noe’s award-winning series, Friend Grief in the Workplace: More Than an Empty Cubicle, you’ll meet a variety of folks—a monk, a nun, a racecar driver, a choreographer, and others—who struggled with loneliness, loss, and building ways to honor the friendships that lasted longer than 9-5. Victoria Noe has worked professionally as a stage manager, director, administrator, a founding board member of the League of Chicago Theatres, a professional fundraiser, and an award-winning sales consultant of children’s books. After surviving a concussion, Noe switched gears to keep a promise to a dying friend to write a book. That book is now this beloved series, the final installment of which will be published later this year. Her freelance articles have appeared in Windy City Times, Chicago Tribune, and Huffington Post. Her blog, Friend Grief, was named one of the top ten grief support websites in 2012.  Joining Noe will be author and Grief Recovery Specialist Lynn McCollum Staley, whose story about a life-changing decision after her friend died appears in the book. Author of In Death Is the Secret to Life: A Tribute Journal, Staley has been trained through The Grief Recovery Institute and facilitates The Grief Recovery Method™ Outreach Program. For more information, visit the Life After Loss Website at or follow her on Facebook. Bring friends and colleagues to join this rich discussion. Refreshments will be served.

Event date: 
Friday, August 7, 2015 - 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Event address: 
5233 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60640