How to Draw Comics the Ladydrawers Way

The Ladydrawers Comics Collective, joined by Femicomix Finland, will get you ready for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) with a series of performances, readings, games, and possibly interpretive dances from international comics creators that will show you how to make comics The
Ladydrawers Way™. You will also be able to peruse the debut of our new anthology, How To Draw Comics The Ladydrawers Way™! By the end of the evening you will definitely know how to draw comics The Ladydrawers Way™!*

*Education not guaranteed.

Aino Sutinen produces infocomics, strips, documentary, and autobiographical comics and some short stories. She also works as press officer at Finnish Comics Society in Helsinki.

Anna-Leena Kankaanpää uses comics to empower herself and, hopefully, others. She publishes comics online for a health organization and her superpower is stashing tons of
material for all her great publications to come.

Anne Elizabeth Moore is a world-traveling cultural critic and comics journalist. She is the author of Unmarketable and Cambodian Grrrl, and chief cat-herder of
The Ladydrawers Comics Collective.

Delia Jean is an artist and cartoonist from the North Side of Chicago with a passion for teaching, a knack for drawing, and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She's a frequent collaborator and organizer with The Ladydrawers Comics Collective.

Johanna Rojola is a comics artist and teacher from Helsinki. She's an active member of the Femicomix Finland.

Hanna-Pirita Lehkonen is a feminist comics artist and an activist from Vantaa, Finland. She specializes in educational comics, youth work and body positivity.

Ray Swanson is a non-binary zinester, comicker,
and militant crafter located in Chicago. Their work focuses on trans and queer themes and what it means to be"other." Also aliens, zombies, and space mermaids. 

Sheika Lugtu is a cartoonist, animator and printmaker. She lives on the internet and draws comics about food, cows and her life.

Taina Hakala is a selfmade artist working with comics, collage, drawing, photography. She organizes comics reading sessions and other network activities.

Femicomix Finland is a feminist network that organizes different kinds of events in Finland and around the world. 

The Ladydrawers Comics Collective is a diverse ("queer") group that conducts original studies on the impact of gender and race on economics in comics and other forms of cultural production, and releases their findings in comics both experimental and traditional. The group has a
monthly column on Truthout and has previously published work in Bitch, Annalemma, and Tin House. Their strips have been reviewed by Forbes, Jezebel, Hyperallergic, The Chicago Reader and The New York Times Magazine. The group's first book, Threadbare, is about the hidden connections between the garment trade and the sex trade, and comes out next year.

Event date: 
Thursday, June 4, 2015 - 6:00pm
Event address: 
5233 N. Clark St.
60640-2122 Chicago