Ricochet Review Reading featuring high school and college students as well as a few professional poets

Ricochet Review is a poetry magazine birthed in 2013 by ambitious poets… who also happened to be high school students at Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center, a Chicago Public School. Since then, Ricochet Review, has grown from its early issues devoted to monostichs and the French literary movement Oulipo to themes devoted to poetry in translation, with its submission network surpassing its immediate Albany Park surroundings and opening up to poetry submissions from around the world. In Ricochet Review’s most recent issue, poets, both professional and high school alike, side by side, explore the grotesque and macabre of both their imaginations and daily life. These aesthetics are ones that often overlap to create discomfort within the audience, however, it is this discomfort that pushes one to read and think outside of her cocoon. If overdone, these themes can become overbearing, repulsive even, but if done correctly, the audience is drawn into the works. Join us on Friday October 14th for a night which will challenge, but charm you with a reading from Ricochet Review’s 4th issue. All Ricochet Review volumes will be available for sale.



Event date: 
Friday, October 14, 2016 - 7:30pm
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