Looking for your new favorite author? A great vacation read? Something perfect for your book club? We have recommendations!




If you like hilarious essays, this is for you!



A Safe Girl to Love

If you like short stories that explore family & relationships through a trans perspective, read this book!

The Price of Salt

If you enjoy queer lit, read this!


How to Start a Fire

If you enjoy dark & funny friendship stories, read this book! 







The Girls

If you enjoy incredibly written, utterly graphic novels with female protagonists, read this book!


If you enjoy captivating novels, read this!

Modern Romance

If you enjoy love, humor, & some science, check this book out!


All the Birds in the Sky

If you like Fantasy Sci-Fi, you'll love this hot new read!

So Sad Today

If you like weird, hysterical essays & Twitter, read this!


If you ever kept a diary, read this amazing long-form lyric essay.




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