Wish List of Chicago Books to Women in Prison

Thank you for stopping by during this tough time—especially for people in prison. Please browse both pages of the list and note these urgent needs to help us provide what is most wanted as we fill orders once again: dictionaries, Scrabble dictionaries, American Sign Language, Small Time Operator (on how to start and run a small business), Origami Paper Pack, Easy Spanish Step-by-Step, Pocket Workouts, as well as drawing, grief, and reentry books.*** Books in small quantities are special needs of individuals and also especially appreciated. The books you buy will be picked up at the store—no shipping fee, no wasteful packaging—by volunteers of Chicago Books to Women in Prison. An all-volunteer, donation-funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we send free paperback books to women and trans people in prisons nationwide. (Your donation may be tax-deductible. To avoid paying sales tax, buy one or more gift cards for us and we'll buy books using our sales tax exemption number.) Learn more at chicagobwp.org. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Thank you for your support.